Will the Truly Liberated Women Please Stand Up!

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“A woman is like a teabag. You never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”  *Nancy Reagan*

Liberalism is terribly confusing to one such as I, who takes a person at their word. Silly me, I used to think that the old “Feminism” denoted strong, independent, self-determinant women. Silly indeed. In the late 1980s I worked at a pregnancy counseling center in Southern California. I would do educational presentations at nearby universities about the support our center offered to pregnant women, the growth and development of the fetus, the realities of surgical abortion, and I would show a video presentation of either “The Silent Scream,” or “Eclipse of Reason.” Invariably there would be a backlash from the audience.

There was always some hairy, bespectacled loudmouth leftist guy that would protest about the way “Christians and pro-lifers are oppressive to women!” But most of the disapproval came from whining women; women whining about how horrible the videos were–well duh! Abortion is the grisly murder of a baby–whining about how hard their lives already were and how having a baby would be oh, so difficult a challenge, whining about how their hopes and dreams would be dashed if they couldn’t have an abortion if they wanted to, whining about how often women who got raped were impregnated, whining, whining, WHINING! During such instances, which were many, the thought would come screaming into my mind, “But you are FEMINISTS! Aren’t Feminists supposed to be strong and resourceful and self-sufficient?” I always kept my composure, but inevitably left these college classes perplexed about the kind of women who claimed to reject men and traditional social structures, and simultaneously wanted every little discomfort and offense to be eliminated from their lives by the force of social engineering, or legislation, or whatever! I  never understood what the heck these “Feminists” wanted out of life.

More recently, as I have been defending my role as a Conservative woman. As a sister in my Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) faith, it has been intimated many times, mostly by creepy liberal men, that I must be a “submissive” woman. The first time someone labeled me “submissive” I laughed so hard I sprayed Diet Pepsi out of my nose! Last week a “submissive” comment was made on one of my articles. I replied to the commentor: “You have never met me, have you? Please refer to the photos of me with my personal sidearm. It is mine and I know how to use it. Please refer to my profile. I have been raising 4 beautiful children by myself for years. I hold down a job, often two at a time, I’ve gone to graduate school, worked politically, and served in my church. I don’t take government assistance. And I can parallel park the first time. Why don’t you and I step outside so this “submissive” Mormon woman can whoop your sorry libtard arse!” Beyond rebuking the ignorant, the battle to defeat the submissive woman myth requires a little side trip into the dark recesses of liberal thought

Conservative women live the ethos of self-reliance. They aspire to principles of liberty because they, themselves, are independent and eschew interference from outside sources when it comes to personal decisions about their lives and property. Conservative women, more often than not, are well versed in home and personal defense. Most of them own firearms, or are well acquainted with them. Conservative women believe that innocent life is worth defending. The last thing they would do is “submit” to unrighteous dominion. The idea that traditional, Conservative women are submissive is nonsensical.

With that said, I believe that accusations of “submissive” coming from the Left, men and women a like, are really a projection of their own diminished power–having exchanged many of their liberties for oppressive levels of dependence on government, and for the approval of their identified group–on to the group they hate most, attractive, educated, pro-life, accomplished, conservative women.  One of the best examples of this was when, during the Iowa GOP debate, Byron York asked Michele Bachmann if as president she would “submit” to her husband. Really? You’re asking a top tier presidential candidate, a United States Representative, an accomplished tax attorney, business owner, and mother of literally dozens of children, about submitting to her husband? Did anyone ever ask this of HillaryClinton? The Hillary Clinton who stood by her man, was cuckolded by him countless times, the Hillary who praised Libya’s implementation of Sharia law, which is the embodiment of the submission of women. Really?

Will you hear me whining about not getting what I want?

The Left fears Conservative women. They fear everything for which we stand; principles, family, God, patriotism, truth, precious life, happy children, and the sacred role of marriage in society.  This is the era of women of strength, women like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, and the millions of self-identified Tea Party women across the country. We have crushed the old pro-abortion brand of feminism because we are living proof that it is irrelevant. Liberalism is irrelevant. We make women victors not victims. And, this is the rub, without “submissive” women the Left has no power over the female vote. The American Left is the oppressor of women. And if they they had their way women would be on their knees, begging to the government and to the Democrat party, in a posture of continual acquiescence.

By Marjorie Haun  3/21/2012

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3 Responses to Will the Truly Liberated Women Please Stand Up!

  • Joy Overbeck
    Joy says:

    Right on, sista!
    Those who they fear, they call vicious, sexist names — just look at what Bill Maher and his band of foul-mouthed juvenile punks call Palin and Bachmann! These aren’t real men…they are beyond pathetic.

  • Rita Young
    ritay says:

    War on Women???? Just another mythical distraction propagated by the left to detract from this administration’s lousy record on the economy as it continues to dismantle the constitution and our liberties. It is interesting that liberals only reference conservative stay at home moms as weak and ignorant. How do liberals reference non working mothers with fatherless children on public welfare? Are they weak and ignorant as well?….. or just hapless victims of an unjust capitalist society. It never goes both ways with the left and it is never clear to me how this ‘new’ and more ‘just’ society will fund ever increasing entitlements without capitalism. For the record, conservative women outnumber liberal women. The growing numbers of conservative Black and Hispanic women frighten the liberals….we conservative women, grandmothers, mothers, aunts of all nationalities in this country are finding each other. We are the grassroots movement and from us all hope springs eternal.

  • Janet says:

    Women have been lied to for decades about the ‘women’s movement’. We were told it was about equal rights for women. No, it has all been about certain rights for only certain women, left-ideology women. It’s not about women, protecting, honoring or supporting women, it’s about the leftist women getting what they want whenever they want it. Any women they disagree with are inconsequential at best.

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