Waiting to Buy My Green Jersey!

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Sigh….I loved being able to root for Tim Tebow every Sunday when my Broncos played.  I love sport comebacks and Tebow proved to be a master of them.  I have to admit that I didn’t know who Tebow was until he was drafted to the Broncos.  I was one of the fans who thought Josh McDaniels was crazy for drafting him after having just traded for Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn.  While his legend of scribing scripture in his eye black and his moving pro-life commercial during Super bowl XLIV was intriguing, when he first came to Denver I was skeptical; I love high-quality sport drama, not life drama.

Then Tebow turned my head when Coach Fox would occasionally substitute him onto the field as a wide receiver.  There was his first NFL touchdown when Orton was taking a breather on the sidelines; Tebow ran the option for a 5-yard run into the end zone (ironically, against the Jets).  His 95-yard game winning drive late in the fourth quarter while playing the New York Jets in November 2011 inspired me to finally get on the Tebow-bandwagon (I became the 749,431st person to like his fan club that very night).  The game-winning, 80-yard dart-and-run touchdown play with Demaryius Thomas during the first snap of overtime play in the 2011 AFC wild-card game against the Pittsburgh Stealers pounded my love for Tebow in for life.

Now he is gone.  While I will always be a Broncos fan and while I really like John Elway and Peyton Manning, I will always cheer for whatever team Tim Tebow is on over the Denver Broncos. God Bless, Go Jets!

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2 Responses to Waiting to Buy My Green Jersey!

  • Rita Young
    Rita says:

    Is this the case where Elway and Obama share irrational decisions and secretive methods? It is understandable that the Broncos picked Peyton Manning as their first string quarterback over Tim Tebow. But why not use Tim Tebow as a backup quarterback? Two years ago the Broncos picked Tim Tebow as their first round draft pick. Now after he is experienced and had great successes the Broncos trade him for a 4th and a 7th round draft pick. Was Tebow too conservative? Something doesn’t add up.

  • Misty says:

    Tim Tebow just wants to be where he’s wanted and the Broncos didn’t want him.:( Even after being the 1st round draft pick, he was never used and it took the fans to get him in and I’m proud of the fans and Tebow for doing the best he could in the circumstances given him & being such a great gentleman. I will miss him so much! I can only hope that Jet Fans give him the same support as us Bronco fans did!

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