Using Time Wisely

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Using Time Wisely …..Senator Udall


I received an email from Senator Udall proudly proclaiming  that the   Senate recently passed ….VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) …. asking me  to join with  him in support as it moves to the House.   I immediately called his office  ( 202 224 5941)  and  informed his staff that the Senator  should use his time more wisely.  Had I been  face to face with him,   I would have wagged my finger.   I told Udall’s intern that  I…. as a girly girl…. feel completely protected under the constitution  (he should read it)  and that   VAWA is unnecessary,  a waste of  time and a distraction from the real issues that concern women.

If Senator Udall wants our vote,  he should stop pandering to the left and deal with our looming State debt of 1 billion plus.   Work to create jobs ….deregulate… lower  taxes  … and  create good cheap energy in parallel with the clean energy effort.   It would also behoove him to squeeze into  his busy schedule of protecting women to help create a good enforcible  legal immigration bill for  our State.  ……a tidal wave is about to hit  this  State and yet Senator Udall and our congress are  wasting time and money  with stupid and  redundant  legislation.      Clearly, they  aren’t really concerned about our safety …..this is about votes.   Fiscal responsibility concerns  me and the lack of it strikes  fear in my heart….VAWA will not let me sleep better at night.   Senator Udall needs to use his time in office more wisely.

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2 Responses to Using Time Wisely

  • Marka says:

    Wow! Rita Young’s piece is succinct and hard hitting. Senator Udall is merely patronizing women for their votes. By the way, the General Accounting Office told a recent Congressional hearing that the Green River Formation in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming contain more recoverable oil than the rest of the world combined. Google it. There are multiple sources. VAWA is small potatoes compared to the economic impact of this bit of news on women’s lives.

    • Rita Young
      Rita says:

      Did some research on this to verify…..David Martin of MRC (Media Research Center) reports this info was presented before Congress….

      the Green River Formation, a largely vacant area of mostly federal land that covers the territory where Colorado, Utah and Wyoming come together, contains about as much recoverable oil as all the rest the world’s proven reserves combined.

      Huge news yet no where mentioned by the liberal media.

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