There is no “class warfare” here. This is the USA.

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In the past 3 years our administration has created and sold to many a false “class warfare” story, right here in the good ol’ U.S.A.  I find it odd that anyone would listen, much less begin to believe it, given the history behind and the meaning of United States of America.

We are not a country divided. Not by region, religion, country of origin, sex, race, or any other natural difference that may be viewable to the naked eye or ear.  We are all equal & united in the fact that we are all humans, not gods nor beasts, and we all believe in the social contract that binds us in the protection of each others lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  We are good people.  We are charitable people.  We believe in family, freedom and personal responsibility.  We respect each other’s differences and encourage achievements.  When a neighbor or friend gets a promotion at work, we are happy because that gives us hope that we may one day work our way to a higher pay grade, as well.  When our daughters chose to a life of career, a life of home maker and mom, or a combination of both, we are proud that we live in a country in which they have choice.  When a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs earn millions of dollars by creating a technology that will make our businesses more profitable and our lives more manageable, we strive to be the first to stand in line at 3am to get our hands on it.  We are proud to have access to such innovative minds and thrilled their inventions make our lives easier.

America is the most charitable country in the world.  We give to friends, neighbors, shelters, faces never seen in this country or another, we give to international allies and we give to countries that hope for our demise.  There is no limit nor prejudice to our brotherly love.

To tell our citizens that we are a nation divided against itself due to “class differences” is completely false and entirely transparent.  We will not be convinced we are evil, greedy people nor that we are too pitiful to make a living on our own without a life of government handouts.  We are strong, independent, powerful and loving people.  We are the United States of America.  So don’t be tread upon, my friend, and don’t listen to the lies.  Listen to your heart, keep your nose to the grindstone and look forward to November.  Because there is an actual “change” we can believe in on the way.  This time, we will elect leaders who not only believe in American exceptionalism, but they encourage and celebrate it!


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2 Responses to There is no “class warfare” here. This is the USA.

  • Joy Overbeck
    Joy Overbeck says:

    You put it so well, Molly! We are sick of politicians ranting against achievement and success when those are the very American qualities that will lift us out of this government-caused depression. We tried the 800 billion “stimulus” and all we’ve got to show for it is more killer debt and more of our tax money rewarding the fake green companies that then go bankrupt and keep our money.. Enough already!

  • You’re huffing paint if you don’t see this class warfare being waged in America.

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