The War On Women – Does It Exist?

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I’ve had a few days to mull over this topic. I’m convinced now more than ever that this war absolutely exists. As women we have many roles that we take on in this life. The roles many of us take are that of mother, daughter, wife, sister and friend. In each one of these areas there is a war raging against us. But the war I speak of is not of this world. The war against us is a spiritual war.

Let’s start with the role of mother. Many of us have to do some type of work to help provide for our families thanks to this terrible economy. If you don’t have to work you are truly blessed and you play an important role in the world as well. But for those of us who do have to work we find ourselves at war with having to work and many times not investing in our children as we should. This is not because we are choosing not to but we have simply been sucked into the busy lifestyle of our society. We are trying to help put food on the table we are at war with schools not teaching our kids to their full potential and becoming more like babysitters. We can’t be involved in school and many times are downright out of the loop as to many things that take place in schools these days. And at times we are even clueless as to what our children are being taught or in many cases, not taught. The war I see raging against us in this role is simply neglect. While we try to help our families Satan takes our focus elsewhere and we neglect the things that are truly important to us. When this happens to us our children are left in the hands of the evil of this world and we’ve lost the control.

The role of wife can be a daunting task these days as well. While trying to keep our home in order, our children safe and sound we then have to take care of the needs of our husbands. We all try to keep our homes clean, do laundry and cook meals. It can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Many marriages would not end the way they do if we were not at war with over busy lives and schedules. Many marriages suffer from issues that became problems because life was too busy to deal with them when the issue arose. We simply do not have time to communicate with each other. Problems fester until they explode and then we are left with empty marriages or no marriages at all. The war against this role is Satan simply destroying marriage. Satan gets us so busy with other meaningless things in life that we neglect our marriages. He then has control and takes what was once a beautiful thing. Now marriage is not seen as a wonderful God given gift as it should be.

The role of friend is another good example. We were all made to love and to be loved in all relationships. Friendship is a special gift that we’ve all been given. But let the Evil One in and soon we find ourselves drifting farther and farther away from those who were once good friends. Then when all control is gone we look around and we are left with no good friends. In Eccelesiastes 4:9 it says,” Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.” (New Living Translation) All we need is a busy schedule and we forget those we lean on to help us succeed and the Devil has won again.

I could go on and on but it seems to me that there is a common factor here. The wars we face in all of these roles is the spiritual war between good and evil. We allow ourselves to be taken over by our schedules. We “think” we are doing what is good for our families, friends and ourselves. But in reality we are giving all control over to the evil in this world to destroy everything we hold dear to us. So next time your child asks you to read a story sit down and read it. Whatever you are busy doing can wait. When your husband asks you to cuddle up on the couch with him but the laundry down or whatever task it as hand and cuddle with him. When a friend calls and says she wants to hang out, DO IT! We need to stop letting evil control us and take charge of our lives. We need to fight back on the war against us! The war trying to take over every aspect of our lives! We never know when we ourselves or someone we love will breathe their last breathe! Take ahold of life now and enjoy the good!

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