The Democrats War on Moms

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Ann Romney can’t possibly know the struggles of working women because she’s
“never worked a day in her life,” says a longtime Democrat political mouthpiece for the DNC,  CNN contributor, and Obama advisor. Once again, the Democrats insult all women by thinking we are so dumb we’ll fall for their divide-women-and-conquer-our-vote strategy. Now Hilary Rosen,  BHO buddy who has visited the White House 35 times since his election, accuses Mrs. Romney of not being able to understand the economic woes of working women because she’s been a homemaker all her life.

Ann Romney raised five boys while struggling with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. Of course, none of that was work. None of that prepared her to know squat about managing a household. Five! Boys!

Remember when the media sliced and diced Sarah Palin BECAUSE she worked instead of staying home with her kids? How selfish of her, and how neglectful of her family. For shame. The Dem attack donkeys can’t have it both ways, but they will keep trying, since logical consistency means nothing to them.

Rosen’s ridiculous and transparent anti-Romney slander tells us just how desperate these people are. These nasty barbs remind me of the anti-motherhood diatribes from the founders of feminism decades ago. If you weren’t a working woman, you weren’t a real woman. If you stayed home to raise a family, you were literally an oppressed slave throwing your life away.  The woman-on-woman viciousness from the so-called “liberated” feminists was nothing but despicable. And it’s back – from those wonderful folks who call themselves “progressives” — how ironic is that. And Rosen accuses Mitt Romney of being “old-fashioned”!

The Dems have only failure to run on, and they don’t want to talk about how they’re driving our nation to debt ruination, so they are desperately trying to change the conversation. They try to pit us all against each other: homemaker mom against working woman, middle class against the wealthy, black against white. They’re mixing in some of the class warfare rhetoric here too, by claiming Anne Romney can’t identify with women grappling with this terrible economy because she’s never had a paycheck.

What could be more utterly laughable. I guess that means you can’t be a space engineer if you’ve never been up in a rocket, and you can’t be a cancer doc unless you’ve had cancer. And you can’t be a commander in chief unless you’ve been to war. Hmmm.

Ann Romney, in fact, simply said that as she travels around the country, women tell her how alarmed and concerned they are about the economic disaster they face daily. Every woman knows what they’re talking about. Whether career women or homemakers or trying to juggle both roles, we all know what she’s talking about. We’re dealing with family members who have lost their jobs, and with crippling gas prices that not only affect us and our gas tanks, but that raise the cost of everything we buy from groceries to weed killer. We are dealing with huge increases in our energy bills. We are dealing with a national debt that makes us beholden to China, and terrified of our children’s future.

And most of this is directly due to the stunning refusal of Barack Obama to deal with our nation’s problems.  He says no to the Keystone Pipeline, which would add thousands of good jobs and immediately lower the price of gas. He takes billions in our tax money, calls it “stimulus” and gives it away by the truckload to his favorite green energy causes (which often just happen to be owned by his big money donors) when he knows they are actually going bankrupt. And then he laughs that there weren’t quite as many “shovel-ready jobs” as he thought. The Congress rejected his cap-and-trade legislation which would bring us skyrocketing electric bills, so he found another way: directing his EPA to impose drastic new rules on coal plants. And so our energy bills continue to soar along with his despotism.

Obama could actually DO something about our economic problems. He could rescind EPA rules that punish energy businesses and families and  our energy bills. would go down. He could approve the Keystone Pipeline and bring our nation good-paying jobs and lower gas prices. He could lower business tax rates (the highest in the world) and thus encourage more job creation. He could…but why go on?

Barack Obama doesn’t care about your energy bills, your gas prices, your job loss, or your children’s mounting debt. He doesn’t care about you and your family. He has an entirely different agenda. Think about this the next time the Democrats tell you it’s all the Republicans fault: who really has the power to fix our nation’s economy?

Joy Overbeck is an award-winning journalist and author whose articles you can read at Please also check out her quirky Christian blog at — all about the outrageous creative ways God says hi to us — in His Creation, in our miraculous DNA, in “God nudges” in our everyday lives, and even in the headlines.

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2 Responses to The Democrats War on Moms

  • Mark Midas says:

    The Democrats like to tout the Violence Against Women Act as a showcase piece of feminist legislations. What is little noted nor seldom remembered is that this law was based on the Interstate Commerce Act in order to get federal, i.e., more Big Government, mandates. VAWA was based on violence and injuries in the workplace though only about 2% of such affected women; in fact, to stretch the numbers, animal bites are included as acts of violence. Maybe so, but not quite the intent of law. In the meantime, nearly all deaths in the workplace are MEN!! So the law itself, just like the whining 30-year-old law student who wants us to pay for her hedonistic lifestyle, is a straw man argument. Worse yet, it shows how women can be quite selfish and uncaring about anyone but themselves.

  • Joy Overbeck says:

    Mark, clearly the liberals use this law as a political weapon in the Repubs fake war on women they are trying to advance. I sure don’t think it says anything about women being selfish — we take care of our kids and our aging parents, go to work, volunteer at our schools, churches, and our communities: please don’t accuse us of being selfish and uncaring!

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