Buzz Lightyear’s Debt……To Infinity and Beyond

Debt. Everybody’s got it, nobody wants it.  Students have it, governments have a lot of it, home owners, shopaholics, and so on…


How do you get your budget back on track? Better yet, how does the government get… Continue reading

Waste Not. Want Not. SNAP Benefits.

In November 2008, it was 30 million.  Almost four years later in September 2012, it has increased to 46.6 million.  Am I talking about the increase in foreclosures…. Am I talking about the number of customers cancelling their… Continue reading

The current administration seeks to raise taxes on the middle class, who knew?

Last night during the DNC, actress Eva Longoria said Mitt Romney wants to increase taxes on the middle class.

When in fact, it is the current administration who is attacking those very people they claim to want to protect.  … Continue reading

It Just “Makes Sense”

A friend suggested the other day that women were overwhelmingly supporting President Obama, and that educated women’s support for him was even stronger.  She sounded a rallying cry that women seek out opportunities for discussion and discourse with other… Continue reading

School Fees, Donations or Taxes?

I have heard several stories over the last few days about school fees and donation requests. In one case, at Devinny Elementary in JeffCo, the school actually included the “suggested donation“ right on the fee schedule – pre-checked to make… Continue reading

Using Time Wisely

Nothing of consequence

Using Time Wisely …..Senator Udall


I received an email from Senator Udall proudly proclaiming  that the   Senate recently passed ….VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) …. asking me  to… Continue reading

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