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Buzz Lightyear’s Debt……To Infinity and Beyond

Debt. Everybody’s got it, nobody wants it.  Students have it, governments have a lot of it, home owners, shopaholics, and so on…


How do you get your budget back on track? Better yet, how does the government get… Continue reading

Should Public Employee Salaries be “Recession Proof”?

I recently viewed a video clip (below) of the JeffCo R-1 school district COO, Steve Bell, making comments about the Colorado School Finance Act and how it is a “flawed model”. He specifically laments the fact that the sources of… Continue reading

Out of the Moneybags of Babes

You hear that the future generations are already in debt.  But, how can that be? And what does that really mean?


I’m interested because I’m an expectant mom contributing to the future generation starting this October.  I… Continue reading

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