If You Want Equal Pay, Don’t Work for a Democrat

Democrats like to rant about the inequality of women making less than men. Why then does Colorado Democrat Senator Mark Udall pay his women staffers 25% less than his Republican challenger, Rep. Cory Gardner? Other Democrats like Colorado Rep. Jared Polis, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, even Obama -- all pay women staffers less than men. Just who is warring on women here? Continue reading

Colorado anti-gun laws target the most vulnerable – women and students left defenseless


By Joy Overbeck, The Washington Times, February 28, 2013

Colorado Democratic legislators are passing a hail of new anti-gun laws that prevent the most vulnerable from defending themselves in places often targeted by rapists and mass killers. Similar bills… Continue reading

The War on Women in 2012?

The new political war is over women. Women are the swing voters of this election and the “war on women” is just the latest rhetoric in the media that is dividing women over issues that are uniquely theirs. Basically, contraception… Continue reading

Marissa Mayer – Woman Extraordinaire


Marissa Mayer was named the new CEO of Yahoo just this past July.  The next announcement was that she is also…..pregnant.   This amazing piece of information is not often said in the same breath when announcing… Continue reading

Democrats Invade Your Facebook!

by Joy Overbeck

They’re coming — and they’re after you! (Insert scary music here.) The Democrats are mining your Facebook information in an effort to persuade you to vote for them and donate to their cause.  If you’re one… Continue reading

Obama Co-Chair and Former Dem Mayor Pena Caught Being Romney

Former Denver Mayor and Cabinet Secretary Pena

When is a Venture Capitalist Not a Vulture Capitalist?

When He’s A Top Dem Obama Supporter

It seems that one of BHO’s top campaign spokesmen, the guy whose job is leading the charge… Continue reading

Is it Fair to Spend Your Taxes on Cow Poop and Nancy P’s Relatives?

If you filed your taxes recently, you may be mulling the concept of fairness that Barack Obama flogs endlessly in every speech and is repeated robot-like by the media. Everyone MUST pay their fair share in these tough times, he… Continue reading

“War on Women” Same Old War on Repubs

A version of this piece was printed in the Denver Post on 3/22/12; please read and comment on it online at


Republican zombies are even now plotting to invade your home, rifle your medicine cabinet and confiscate your… Continue reading

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