Something we can all agree on…We love our country

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We’re ALL Americans and we love our country.

No matter what color you are, what language you speak, where your parents were from, or anything else, when you step onto the soil of the United States of America, you instantly become an American. There is no other nation on earth where this applies. Brazil? Kenya? France? Not a chance.

With the debated heated up regarding immigration in light of yesterday’s decision from the Supreme Court regarding Arizona’s enforcement of immigration laws, people are thinking about what it means to be American. And as we approach our nation’s birthday next week, we can agree that we are ALL Americans. We love the flag. We love our country and the opportunities and values we enjoy.

Who doesn’t feel something when they hear the historic tune of the “Star-Spangled Banner”?

I attended Right Online in Las Vegas, Nevada and heard a wonderful presentation from three people – Teri Christoph, the co-founder and vice president of Smart Girl Politics, Michael Barrera, Regional Director of the LIBRE Initiative and Anita MonCrief, best known as the whistleblower for the ACORN scandal exposed by vlogger James O’Keefe. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of

Their session was really eye-opening. They all spoke as groups of minorities who many times get co-opted in the middle of the two parties’ tug-of-war around voting. What many in that fight forget is that women, Hispanics and blacks are also all Americans. Most want nothing more than to have a good job, provide for their families and raise good kids.

The point of the presentation was: Instead of seeing people by their appearance, how about if we look at everyone as individuals? Not all white men over 40 are Republicans. Not all black women with young children are Democrats. We’re all Americans and we all love our country. That’s something we can all agree on.

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One Response to Something we can all agree on…We love our country

  • Joy Overbeck
    Joy Overbeck says:

    Yes, Americans come in all colors, shapes and sizes and we should rejoice that even with all our differences we can come together and celebrate this great and good country, wave our beautiful flag and sing our stirring national anthem. But when you say “when you step onto the soil of the United States of America, you instantly become an American” — I’ve got to disagree. That has become a huge problem in our country. It actually takes obedience to our naturalization and immigration laws to become an American citizen; not just stepping onto our soil !

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