President Obama has 2 options….

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A story shared with My Purse Politics, (name removed for confidentiality):


I understand that the president means well.  We believed him when he said he wanted to help the middle class.  We thought his $800B+  stimulus spending would create new jobs and opportunities   Many of my friends voted for the president because they believed this country needed to take a chance on a new guy with fresh ideas and a plan to help the middle class.


As it turns out, his policies have failed.  I don’t think he did it with malintent, he just doesn’t seem to understand finance, the economy nor how to pick short term investments, which is what we needed to see a quick turnaround in our fiscal situation.  Apparently, the energy sector is a longer term investment and the companies he chose were not strong enough to sustain.  We lost so much money in those bad investments.  Did he look at the balance sheets? When he gave them our hard earned dollars, did he meet with any financial experts?  Why did he choose the  investments he chose?  I see they went bankrupt and took our money.  So we all lost on those deals.


The president said that by now we would have 5.4% unemployment.  I hear the reality is we are around 10%-15% if you count my friends and community and others across the U.S. that have quit looking for work.


I have been a sales executive for 9 years but have been laid off and am currently receiving unemployment.  I am trying desperately to find a job in my industry of expertise before my unemployment ends.  Given my years of experience, I have the benefit of knowing many managers and am sending my resume directly to them even though they do not have a job posted.  The responses have been unanimous, “we have a freeze on hiring until we know what congress  and the future president plans to do with the expiring tax codes and new health care law.” They say they don’t even know if they will be able to keep the doors open past 2013!


What I’d like to know is, what does our President plan to do about the new wave of tax increases everyone is so afraid of?  Does he understand that by leaving this unanswered, he is adding to unemployment?  Does he understand that many more of my friends, in addition to myself, will be unemployed 1/1 if he does not stop this tax wave now?  President Obama said he wanted to help the middle class, yet we are the group that is hurting the most under his failed policies, not the super rich!


It seems to me President Obama has 2 options.  He may stop this runaway government spending and taxing or step aside.  We can not afford 4 more years of trial and error in this economy.  We need a serious leader who understands what business owners need to hear to feel safe hiring again.  And we need a serious leader that knows how to read a balance sheet and make wise investments based on those numbers.


Otherwise, we are going to have more than this heartbreaking 1 in 6 people in poverty.  And we will be camping out on the White House lawn looking for handouts.

Thank you for sharing your story.  To all of our readers, we understand this is a challenging time for many of you.  We are all in this together.  We wish you all peace and prosperity going forward.

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One Response to President Obama has 2 options….

  • Joy Overbeck
    Joy Overbeck says:

    This is such a powerful story, and I hear echoes of everything she says from some of my friends. We are in trouble in this nation because of Obama’s wrong and uninformed decisions about our economy. Part of it is his sheer inexperience that we are all suffering for. Adding insult to injury is he keeps giving away billions of our tax dollars to the big Democratic donors who supported him and started these “green” companies to which he gave all these loans and that then — surprise — went bankrupt and kept our money. If he were a CEO in a private business he would be in jail now. Mitt Romney is an honest man who has helped start ups like Staples and Sports Authority, creating tens of thousands of jobs. He knows what it takes to grow business and thus the economy — he’s the turn around guy we need.

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