My Revealing Experience with the Liberal Thought Abatement Program

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Lemmings?  Not only do the liberals want to take away our freedom of speech but they unconscienciously have no problem taking it away from their own as well.  The following story describes my experience with insight into the liberal mindset.

My experience began when I received an interesting and innocent e-mail from a liberal friend of mine.  She sent out a group email alerting everyone about the reinstated Colorado  senior homestead tax exemption.  I thought it was great and I passed it along to those I thought could benefit.  This became a story a short time later when another liberal from the distribution list broadcast a reply to all, reacting very negatively and essentially raking my friend over the coals for not considering how property taxes  largely fund public schools, and already limited by the TABOR amendment.  Are you kidding me!  How revealing, but we already know this about liberals; the theme about liberal suppression of speech had just begun.

Yes, in good conscience I next provided my contribution with a “reply all” message defending the exemption for seniors, and also as an active substitute teacher provided my assessment of the public school monopoly and wasted tax payer dollars on ill performing schools.    Also promoting school choice, I contributed a reference to my article on

What I have a problem with and the moral of this story is about what happened next      when not only did my liberal friend not stand her ground, but the way she back tracked made my head spin.   She quickly apologized for her  ‘senior’ moment and reaffirmed her allegiance to our great public school system. She actually said she was ‘embarrassed’  to not have realized what she had done and would personally hold off from taking the exemption for as long as she could afford to do so, additionally asking the rest of us to consider doing the same.

My liberal friend was chastised by the liberals the moment she stepped out of the liberal box.  The lesson to learn about liberals is how they are victims of each other and their own ideology.  My liberal friend also sent me an urgent but  polite e-mail asking that I delete her email list.   She clearly panicked that I would begin a conservative campaign targeting her liberal friends.   I told not to worry, that was a one time reply and would certainly honor her request.

My friend caved to the liberal alpha dog (ideology) calling the shots, not wanting to be a bad apple and a plague among her own.    Have an opinion of your own as a liberal and you are out…branded as a heretic.   Aside from the suppression of free thought, the message I got is the insane logic that says if you are for seniors you are against public schools and vice versa.   Try this logic, if America means freedom for all, then are liberals un-American?

This is why conservatism is a natural fit for libertarians.  Having never marched to the beat of anyone’s drum, I personally like that we conservatives are a diverse group who respect each others view points.  Being a conservative is liberating…. where we all share and protect our love of freedom to include small government, small business, personal responsibilty, property rights, non redistrubion of wealth, and everything else freedom allows.  No conservative (American) will tell you to follow their ideology or shut up.  Liberalism is pretty transparant, there is no freedom of thought  in the liberal world…. not for them and not for us….. ask Juan Williams and Cory Booker.




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One Response to My Revealing Experience with the Liberal Thought Abatement Program

  • Joy Overbeck says:

    Tooooo true, Rita! I had big hopes for Juan W. after he was fired from NPR for speaking the politically incorrect truth. But now he’s back in the sheep fold with the liberal sheeple. Baaaa. I’ve also noticed that if you point out the leftist lies (like when BO says there’s more drilling under his administration, and omits the fact that the permits were all from the Bush admin., and nearly all onprivate land not public land, which he has HALTED) when you point out how misleading stuff like this is, they have no rebuttal so they just end the conversation and walk away. A liberal is a terrible mind to waste.

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