Meet Julia, Obama’s Kept Woman

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I wonder if Michelle knows. Or cares. Did you observe the First Couple when Paul McCartney was crooning “Michelle” at his White House performance? Barack was gazing swooningly at his wife, while Michelle was making goo-goo eyes at Paul. But I digress.

Meet Julia, starring in her own Obama campaign online slide show. She’s an imaginary blow-up doll being used by the Obama campaign as a marketing tool to convince women they need to vote for Obama-style government dependency. So far, Julia just has a slide show, but look for her to get her own reality show, or maybe become the next Bachelorette.

Julia is a kept woman, a pathetic female who can’t survive without the big bucks from Obama’s sugar daddy policies that prop up everything she does in her whole life.  Remember those women waiting in line for their pile of cash from “Obama’s stash” in Detroit a couple of years ago?  Who knew they were all named Julia.

This Julia unwittingly reveals a whole lot about Obama’s opinion of women:

  • Obama thinks modern women have no ability to survive on their own talents and moxie. They’re pathetic money-sucking parasites on the body politic who need the government to take care of them. From her toddler days until she’s put in the ground, Julia sucks from the government: for her education (low cost loans) for her business (government loans again), for her health care (she has surgery in college and — YAY! – she’s still on her parent’s Obamacare insurance so no problem. Did she have a nose job? Some premature liposuction? It’s all free — might as well take advantage), etc.
  • We learn that Obama and Julia think it’s no problem for a woman to have a child without benefit of dad. Well at least we know she didn’t have sex-change surgery in college. Julia doesn’t need a man because she has a good-paying job, unlike many single moms, about 64% of whose families are in poverty according to the census.Not really a good idea to encourage single motherhood, Mr. Prez, which is even worse for families of single moms of color. Since she has a good job, we know Julia doesn’t work for the Obama White House where she would be paid 18% less than a comparable male, according to the 2011 report on government salaries.  But in the slide show, Obama actually has the epic audacity to tout the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that assures Julia she’ll have equal pay.   When he demands that women be admitted to the pricey Augusta Country Club, Obama obviously isn’t thinking of any women who work for him.
  • Obama thinks he can sell Julia the fairy tale that she will actually collect Social Security and Medicare when she retires! But Obama’s hyperbolic spending while refusing to deal with fiscal reality assures that these programs will have gone completely over the cliff long before Julia is ready to take up knitting.
  • Obama doesn’t think that women are very bright. For example, he thinks we haven’t figured out that his government bureaucracy, not our doctors, will decide whether or not we get the health care we need. Bureaucrats can decide that surgery is too expensive; just pop a pain pill instead. That’s just what Obama said when asked whether a lively and active elderly woman could get a pacemaker under his plan: nope.
  • Obama knows the mostly liberal Women’s Libbers aren’t going to call him on his betrayal of every sacred “I am woman, hear me roar” battle cry of the movement. No, they are cheering from the stands as he strips women of their hard-fought dignity and independence, reducing them to helpless wards of the state.
  • To Obama, women are one-dimensional. Just faceless cutouts of need. Just like Julia.

At 67 years of age, Julia retires with a comfortable Social Security check and volunteers in a community garden. In reality, under Obama Social Security will have gone bankrupt decades earlier, and the closest Julia will get to garden veggies is bagging them at the local grocery store where she works for minimum wage.

Joy Overbeck is an award-winning journalist and author who blogs about less serious and God-related stuff at

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3 Responses to Meet Julia, Obama’s Kept Woman

  • Rita Young
    Rita says:

    The message…..Vote for Obama and you get free stuff…..problem is that free stuff isn’t the quality of what you have been led to expect under the free market system…..but what the heck…. it is free (at least that is the propaganda) so I can lower my standards.

    • Joy Overbeck says:

      Well of course it’s not free! Everything, EVERYTHING the goverment “gives away” is paid for by the 50% of the American citizens who pay federal income tax. They are the “givers,” the other 50% who pay no income tax are largely the “takers” — in the form of govt. welfare, food stamps, etc., etc. As long as BO can convince the takers that they need to vote for more from the givers, we are in big trouble and the government will eventually tax the givers out of existence.

  • Lolo says:

    “Under President Obama Julia is euthanized at age 80 because she is too expensive to keep around” The real ending to Julia’s story.

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