Manly Moments of U.S. Presidents

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All this talk over President Obama’s secret service personnel being involved with prostitutes during the Summit of the Americas has conjured up a memory of one of my favorite President Bush moments.  In 2004 President Bush attended the APEC summit held in Chili.  Bush had entered into a dinner tent when he heard a skirmish behind him; his lead secret service man was being denied entry into the tent.  President Bush dove into the middle of the skirmish and pulled his man out of the crowd.  Now if that isn’t manly and cool, nothing is!  I really appreciate a leader who can stick up for himself (and his body guard).  A U.S. President should bow to no one.  (It also helps if he can throw a baseball like a man too.)

I welcome you to add your own memoirs of manly (or not so) Presidential moments.

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