Liberals Cause Obesity

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Liberals Cause Obesity

Liberals cause Obesity…….Do more regulations  make for skinnies or for fatties?

First …let’s be clear…..the  liberal concern for the health of Americans is anything but honest ……….  If  that really were the case then the libs  wouldn’t be trying to cram down a lousy health care bill that discriminates against the aged… discriminates against holistic practitioners and  limits our   quality and quantity of health care…….The leftist foodie police are chipping away at our liberties through food regulation.    Yes, we Americans are fatties….but has anyone considered the real reason behind the  addiction to fast cheap food???

Here is my two  donuts.. … cents … the fatties eat cheap comfort foods to cope with stress brought on by our out of control government. The erosion of personal freedoms through  government regulation affecting every  aspect of our lives  has taken away the ability of  men to feel like real men… for women to be treated like women and like it….to have an opinion without being told you are homophobic or racist or not a  kind and compassionate  person.  This constant cloud of  hopelessness, powerlessness, and lack of self determination has us grabbing for a cheap fix….a big fat sugary, chocolate topped cream filled donut with sprinkles…..albeit a temporary relief…one that needs to be repeated to maintain that sense of euphoria.   No money, no job, fear of the future, massive debt and  no clear distinction  between good and evil…80,000 regulations and climbing..How is anyone not breaking the law?   We have constant anxiety over possibly saying something you shouldn’t have said or doing something banned which you did not know was banned.   This is political correctness gone amuk   …..slurping down a super sized  soda and a fatty hot dog  can give instant comfort….of course a vacation could be better…but who can afford that?…..


More regulation is not the answer to food fatties…..unless of course there is an ulterior motive……control the food and you control the people…..ask N Korea.

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3 Responses to Liberals Cause Obesity

  • Marka Fogarty says:

    Another word for this is neurosis. Neurotic people engage in behaviors which distract from underlying anxieties, like eating to distract from worries or fears over which we feel we have no control. Obama Obesity Disorder.

  • rita young says:

    OOD…..Obama Obesity Disorder….I like it.

  • Joy Overbeck says:

    Great observations, Rita! Yep that feeling of govt. induced hopelessness can be held at bay by a banana split, at least for a little while….but the only true and long-lasting cure is GET RID OF THE O-MAN!

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