Let’s Eat Some Chicken

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What are you doing for lunch next Wednesday, August 1?  It’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, and I’ll be at my local Parker restaurant plopping down my cash for a cluck sandwich to support this decent family company against the onslaught of the free-speech-violating, free-enterprise-suppressing, freedom-of-religion-hating liberal mob that wants to destroy it.

Not because the company discriminates against gays in hiring or refuses them service; no such charges are even alleged. But simply because company President Dan Cathy is an unabashed Christian who believes in the only kind of matrimony God approves in the Bible, a marriage between a man and a woman. So do I – and I am sick of being branded a bigoted homophobe because I, like Mr. Cathy, think a wedding cake requires a bride and a groom on top.

And we’re in the mainstream here. Though a majority of Americans agree with me and Dan Cathy and God on marriage, the liberals who disagree try to deny us our right to our views by intimidation and vicious name-calling. And act out with kinky demonstrations and sophomoric kiss-ins. But now they are increasing hostilities – now they are trying to take away Christian believers’ actual right to make a living.

Those who are really spreading the bigotry and discrimination are the government officials like Boston’s mayor who proclaimed Chick-fil-A is not welcome to open restaurants in Bean Town.  Copycat Mayor Rahm Emanuel followed by vowing to block two restaurants planned for “his city” by proclaiming that this Christian company’s values are “not Chicago’s values.” Which leads to wondering what precisely are “Chicago values” – the values of the drug-dealing bullies and murderers who really run “his” city?

The big question is where the Boston mayor and his copycats got this breathtakingly despotic idea that government overseers are entitled to determine whether or not a business can open. That idea starts at the top, as in President Obama’s now famous “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen” speech. Before that telling sentence, he said, “Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive.”

For Obama, the “American system” isn’t free enterprise or free markets, or anything with “free” in it  – he is clearly mocking those throughout this speech. He means the American system of government “allows” you to thrive. And of course the roads and bridges. He means the government giveth and the government taketh away. The mayors are just following through on his concept. You have government to thank for its generosity in building those roads and bridges (hey, don’t we pay for them?) and its benevolence in “allowing” you a license to open your restaurant. Or not.

When government can decree who it will allow to achieve success, and who it will not, based on whether it agrees with the business owner’s religious views, that government is a regime of tyranny. Has the persecution of Christians really come to this? Are any agnostics and atheists and Muslims who don’t accept the idea of gay marriage also to be called haters, and denied business licenses?

The government cannot and must not use its power to impose economic apartheid on people with whom it disagrees. It’s incredible that those who scream “victim” minus any factual discrimination whatever, boldly incite discrimination against those who have different views. Not only is this wrong and unlawful, it also persecutes the entrepreneurs who individually own and operate each of the 1600 Chick-fil-A restaurants. Now there’s even talk of closing down college campus eateries. College students are now the thought police.

At least New York City Mayor Bloomberg is resisting the demagogue impulse. “You can’t have a test for what the owners’ personal views are before you decide to give a permit to do something in the city,” said he, citing concerns about censorship and freedom of speech. “You really don’t want to ask political beliefs or religious beliefs before you issue a permit. That’s just not government’s job.” Though Mr. Bloomberg has a blind spot about an individual’s right to consume large sugary drinks, he is pretty solid on the First Amendment. Then too, the mayor is Jewish and may know enough of history to recall that one of the Nazi government’s first steps in oppressing the Jews was shutting down their shops and businesses so they couldn’t earn a living.

Let’s get out there and eat some chicken.J

Joy Overbeck is a journalist and author who contributes often  to this website, and to her quirky God blog, www.godsayshi.org.  Please visit and comment!

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6 Responses to Let’s Eat Some Chicken

  • Karen Shipper says:

    Once again Joy succinctly and articulately upholds our freedoms — specifically first amendment rights. When government officials use their positions to politicize outlandish politics and their authority to whip into line those who don’t agree with their ridiculous ideologies, Joy is always there to expose these biased liberals.
    Joy, thank you for outing hypocrites and bullies with the sunlight of commonsense.

  • Katie says:

    While doing marketing surveys at a restaurant chain in Douglas Co., one of the questions I ask is what other restaurants do you frequent the most. Chick-fil-A easily takes the #1 spot.

    To which I reply, “Good! They need all the support we can give them right now”. A few people know what I’m talking about and agree…most look at me with the deer-in-the-headlights look and ask why. Which gives me the opening to tell them what is happening.

    What is upsetting is how many don’t know what is going on, but what is encouraging is how many get this isn’t about ‘gay marriage’. The outrage over the violation of 1st Amendment rights, and government gone wild is first and foremost.

    So the good news, I’m informing lots of people who otherwise would remain in the dark, and they’ll go on to inform others as well.

    I predict this will be an epic fail as patriotic Americans are supporting the company with their wallets and their loyalty as never before.

  • Rita Young says:

    Special interests…the new tyranny……Driving to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love event at Dallas Cowboy Stadium, I noticed long lines at the Chik-fil-A drive throughs. Texans get it…..and are starting early….see you at the Parker Chick-fil-A…Wednesday

  • Lolo says:

    After I eat my delicious chicken sandwich I will mail my receipt to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, City Hall, 121 No. LaSalle St., Chicago, Illinois, 60602. He should see for himself the tax base he is missing out on, not to mention yummy peach shakes!

  • Denise Denny says:

    Outright assaults on liberty, free speech, christian values, free enterprise; all an attempt at orchestrated pecking-order distraction. Chick-fil-A may actually become the ‘canary that lives’ – and the Obama campaign’s worst nightmare. Let’s join writer, Joy Overbeck for lunch in ‘plopping down our cash for a cluck sandwich’!

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