IndoctriNation movie review

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This past Saturday I sat waiting anxiously to view this movie. It was the talk of the homeschool conference. Last fall I watched the movie Agenda: The Grinding America Down. That movie opened my eyes and it was after watching Agenda that I felt called to homeschool my children. I wondered if this would be similar to Agenda or different. If it was different what were the differences?

I don’t want to give away any details of this movie because I believe it is a must see. Anyone who has children in public/government run schools and even colleges needs to see IndoctriNation. If you don’t’ have children yet I encourage you to also watch this movie.

Colin Gunn is one of the producers and he also stars in the movie. He was born and raised in Scotland and attended public schools. When he and his wife began having children they vowed to homeschool. For the movie he purchased a big yellow school bus and he and his family traveled across this country interviewing different people on the government run school system. The interviews you will see are angering, humbling, heartbreaking and encouraging. The three that stand out most to me were a Christian teacher, Christian principal and a parent of one of the victims from Columbine High School. The stories of just those three alone will open your eyes wider than ever. But he also interviews scholars, pastors and clergy and gives a great history lesson.

Colin Gunn takes you back in history at a series of events that has changed our school system. He goes back to the 1800’s to show how the “change” began back that far. What you will hear and see will shock you, break your heart, make you angry but most importantly hopefully open your eyes. You will want to share this with anyone that has children and especially those you love.

When I began homeschooling I had several good Christian friends say to me,” You live in a good school district. Why don’t you leave your kids in the school system? Give them a good Godly foundation and they can be the light in the dark.” This movie explains why that is utterly impossible in this world. When I’m asked that question from now on I’m not going to answer. I’m simply going to let them borrow this movie.

The main difference between IdoctriNation and Agenda: Grinding America Down is very easy. They go hand in hand in my opinion. Agenda is a political view of what has happened to our school system. It goes in depth on the Obama administration and all of his appointed Czars. It also takes you back in history and shows the ties to Karl Marx and Sal Alinsky. IndoctriNation is from a Christian perspective with a little political spin on what has taken place over the years, what is currently going on and what parents must strongly consider in the government run school system.

I challenge everyone to watch this movie! It will open your eyes and change your life. I can safely say that this movie “is for the children.”

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2 Responses to IndoctriNation movie review

  • dan says:

    Marx was a Christian!

  • Ray Fournier says:

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