Homeschool Day at the Capitol 2012

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Last fall I felt as though God was calling me to homeschool my children. At Christmas break I pulled my oldest daughter out of government school and began our homeschooling adventure. Our first activity with CHEC was the day at the capitol in April. We had no idea what to expect but were eager to be a part of this community.

We signed up and I encouraged my daughter to participate in the Future Statesman program. This program teaches children about the Constitution, godly government, and Christian history. “In the name of God, Amen!” was this year’s theme. The lessons covered were Alfred the Great, St. Patrick of Ireland and the Magna Carta.

The morning drive into downtown was hectic. Due to my involvement in politics we decided to skip the morning session with the legislators. We arrived at the St. John’s church excited to see what the day would hold. We saw a variety of families squeezing into the church. We sat back in awe of the moment, taking in every word.

The morning started off with prayers and wonderful worship music by a group of young men. It was clear we were in a room with other God fearing Christians. The guest speaker was Dr. Marshall Foster of the World History Institute. I was very excited to hear him speak because I had the pleasure of meeting him the previous night. I was unaware that Dr. Foster’s presentation went hand in hand with the Future Statesman program.

Dr. Foster’s knowledge of history puts my entire education to shame. He is one of the most intelligent and passionate speakers I have ever heard. He told the real story of the Pilgrims why they wanted to leave England and how their journey led them to America. A group of students acted out some parts of the story as Dr. Foster shared with us. It was not a story I had ever been taught in school and had nothing to do with Pilgrims and Indians eating Thanksgiving dinner together. Dr. Foster’s stories of our history ignited a fire in me to learn what I had never been taught. My daughter was intrigued by his stories and longed to learn more as well.

Dr. Foster introduced one of his current projects, the movie Monumental. He partnered with Kirk Cameron to make this movie. I had the honor of seeing this movie in March and was excited to see just a brief view again. It is the story of the Pilgrims and their passion for God. At the end of the movie Kirk Cameron and Dr. Foster arrive in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I was excited to learn that there is a monument in Plymouth commemorating the Mayflower Pilgrims. I didn’t even know this existed! It is clearly a message our founding pilgrims left for us in case our country ever veered off track.

After lunch we marched over to the steps of the capitol. It was awesome to be a part of a group that was there standing before God asking for His blessing on our state, legislators and our homeschooling community. Awards were given out and we heard many legislators speak that morning to encourage our families to keep going. They promised to keep fighting for us and explained what they would be doing to protect our community.

The most outstanding speaker was Senator Kevin Lundberg. My daughter enjoyed listening to him and appreciated him sharing his story of homeschooling his children. He was very passionate as he recalled his experiences homeschooling his own children. At one point he had tears in his eyes as he spoke with passion and love for his family, country, state and homeschool community. His speech by far was the most moving of the day!

As we were leaving that day, my daughter and I couldn’t talk fast enough and share our thoughts about the day. We couldn’t wait to share our experience with our family! It was a blessing to be among other homeschooling families who also place God first in all they do. God’s blessing on my decision to homeschool has been made clear to me. Yet there is something special and powerful about standing among a group of fellow brothers and sisters promising to raise our children in His way and teach them as He has called us to do. Our experience with Christian Home Educators of Colorado and the day at the capitol is one that we will treasure. We are excited to see what next year’s lessons will be and what stories will be told. I encourage all families to attend this event yearly and encourage your children to participate in the Future Statesman program.

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