Dear Eva,

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Dear Eva,

As I am sure you have heard, your proclamation that, “If you are a woman, there is no way you can vote Republican” didn’t go over well in Colorado.  Have you taken a look at women’s unemployment numbers in Colorado since Obama took office? We have had an increase in unemployment from 4.3% in 2008 to 7.8%.  Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that women are benefiting from the nearly $1T stimulus that went to his unsuccessful business friends instead of to the small business owners, who create jobs and produce goods that are in demand and will help to stimulate the economy?

Your assertion that women can’t vote for Republicans flies in the face of the freedoms that differentiate America from other countries.

Let’s take a look at women’s rights around the globe, specifically China, Saudia Arabia, Afghanistan and Egypt for starters.

Women have forced abortions!

Women have no right to a career.

Women have no right to carry a drivers license, drive, own a car.  Much less own 3 cars over $100k each.

Women have no right to play sports in public.

Women have no right to education.  In Afghanastan, only 12.5% are literate and can not understand the natural rights they posses to even fight for them! What a great way to hold a woman captive, cut off or ban her education.

Women have no right to chose where their children are educated.

Women have no right to vote.

Women have no right to chose their own clothes nor show any skin or hair outside of their house. Much less the stylish and risqué clothes discussed on your blog and worn in Desperate Housewives and Hollywood Boulevard.  

Women are forced to stay in abusive marriages.

Women can not be treated by male doctors, leave the house without a male chaperone, gather for festive occasions, travel on the same bus as men, ride bicycles, be seen from outside their house through a door or window.  Women may not laugh loudly!!!

Telling women to entrust their rights to chose better financial security, to choose how they and/or their children are educated and more to a group of bureaucrats they don’t know and will never meet means they hand over their individual rights to make the best possible decisions for their unique personal and family situations.

Surrendering our rights to the U.S. government is not why our great-grandmothers and other women before us fought for the right to vote.  I’m writing this piece for the women across the world who have never and may never see a free or independent day in their lives.

Eva, I don’t think you say these things meaning to harm women.  but, when you tell women that the choice is made for them, thou minimize our rights to choose our own destiny.  Maybe you didn’t know how the rights of women are violated every day in foreign countries.  But, you do now. And I have faith, Eva, in your womanly intuition as a sister, a mother, a friend, to go public again and tell your fellow sizers that a bigger government means fewer individual rights here in America.  Commit your time and energy to expounding and preserving women’s rights.  Women need a free market, individual rights and control of their own finances. We must stick together, Eva.

Stand with us, please.



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