My ObamaCare Story

As a struggling Colorado family, I can attest how terrible Obamacare has been for our financial stability. We have had to deal with increased premiums, a cancelled policy, and increased costs for our prescriptions. I have two children that both… Continue reading

Reclaiming a Heart of Generosity

February 14 is best known for giving over-priced flowers and chocolate, sending sweet notes, and dining with those we love. Most of us have participated willingly, but have questioned if Valentine’s Day is more about lining the pockets of the… Continue reading

Does Sex Ed Belong in Your Child’s Classroom?

House Bill 13-1081, proposed by Democratic lawmakers, would add language to Colorado state law defining standards for human sexuality education, and create a program of grants for school districts that want to implement such programs. The program would be run the Department of Public Health and Environment, and the grants would be funded by non-tax sources. Continue reading

Legalizing Weed In Colorado is Reefer Madness

Recently 60 Minutes did a piece on Colorado’s gangbusters Colorado “medical marijuana” industry that’s on track to become a nine billion dollar drug boom by 2016. Although Coloradans are the healthiest, most athletic bipeds in the nation, so direly in… Continue reading

One camp wants to set us free in this election, which do you think it is?

The uncertainty over this administration’s fiscal and regulatory policies have business owners sitting on their thumbs:

Steven Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts, said on Monday that he was sitting on his thumbs with over a billion dollars tied up… Continue reading

Food, Glorious Food!

Where in our lives is food not present?  From our most important life events, to feeding our families and the kudos we get when they ooh and ahh at our creations.  From Julie and… Continue reading

Rockies Win – Really!

Sorry, this isn’t a post about sports.

This week, the Colorado Rockies made a great decision – ditch the scheduled Nickelodeon Day from the schedule. Presumably this is because of the poor decision the children’s network had made to allow… Continue reading

Annie’s Sacrifice

I attended a “Ladies of Faith” dinner last evening.  In addition to the two friends I attended the event with I was seated at a table with eight other ladies that I did not previously know.  There must… Continue reading

“War on Women” Fears are Waaay Overblown

What do you fear? And are your fears realistic –  could they actually happen? Do you worry about the nasty contents of an airplane toilet splashing down as you’re enjoying an ice cream cone at the local street fair?… Continue reading

Constitutional Champions

Constitutional Champions camp is an event that is held during the summer all over the country. The Pikes Peak 912 group, located in Colorado Springs, has undertaken this project for the second year. More and more states and groups all… Continue reading

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