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Inciting Racism

Fergusen, etc, should not be about race, but it is. All of this is happening when we’ve come so far as a nation in treating people as individuals not to be judged by the color of their skin. Not only… Continue reading

We Still Have a Lot of Work Ahead of Us

Imagine that it is early morning and as you look out you see an army in front of you as far as the eye can see, you know that you and your fellow soldiers will have to stop or at least delay this massive force in order to save your family, freedom, and homeland. This might have been the experience of the 300 hundred Spartans who defended Greece at Thermopylae, giving the Athenians enough time to evacuate their city and prepare the naval defense of the Greek city-states. Many people are probably familiar with this story and the incredible bravery that was shown by the 300 Spartans, however we probably don’t think about the remarkable effect this one moment in history has had on all of our lives.

Imagine that the Persians had successfully defeated the Greeks; it is likely that the flowering of Athenian democracy would never have occurred and with that some of the greatest thinkers of all time, such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, would have been lost to us forever. The Persians didn’t even have words for things like freedom or citizens, these ideas have come to us directly from the Greeks. So important was Greek freedom that the author of the history of the Greek and Persian wars, Herodotus, was forced to leave Persia for Greece in order to obtain the freedom to write. The great technological, scientific, and philosophical ideas that came out of Greece and laid the foundation for the modern world came about because of its extraordinary history of freedom, which was unique in all of the ancient world.   These ideas laid the basis for Western Civilization and it is probable that without a free Greece there never would have been a Rome, a Renaissance, or an Enlightenment, and most importantly, there never would have been a United States of America.

So why discuss this story so soon after the excitement of a successful election, it’s because the truth is that we still have a lot of work ahead of us. We currently have a president who has publicly discussed his desire to usurp the rightful powers of Congress in order to create amnesty for illegal immigrants, and who has willfully disregarded the constitutional rights of Americans through the NSA and the IRS.  This is a president who has tried to force nuns to violate their religious beliefs and who lacks the strength to defend loyal Americans in places like Benghazi. All of this should make us worry about what he my attempt over the next two years and it should remind us of how difficult it is going to be to roll these abuses back. However, as the story of the 300 shows, it doesn’t take a large number of people to turn things around. Oftentimes all it takes to secure freedom is the strength and courage of a brave few who are willing to give their all in order to defend their own freedoms and the freedoms of others.

This story also shows us why liberty is worth fighting for. Freedom changes the world; it allows us to be all that we have the potential to be. Liberty has created some of the greatest, most prosperous civilizations the world has ever seen, including ours. I truly believe that as conservatives we can and must defend these liberties and that we can and must begin to turn back the encroachments on our liberty, but again, it will be hard work. We will have to be actively engaged, not only during election season but all throughout the year. We need to make sure that we are educated about what our government is doing and that we are watching how our representatives are voting. We will have to remind them that they represent us and remind them of why we helped get them elected.   We will also have to be actively engaged with our fellow citizens and tell them why freedom is so valuable. It’s time for conservatives to renew a belief in constant vigilance and create a legacy of freedom that will last for many generations. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

Veteran’s Day 2014

I am often asked by friends, family, and coworkers, how they can support the military. But, before I share with those interested how they can support the military, as a member of the armed services, I first want to thank… Continue reading

A Vote for “Progressives” is a Vote for Tired, Failed Ideas

Originally posted on

Whenever the media high foreheads or anyone else labels “progressive” those politicians and agendas that any fair-minded person would term way-out-left zany liberal, my ears bleed. Letting liberals get away with pretending they are progressive is… Continue reading

If Christians Don’t Vote, More Christians Will Be Persecuted

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Mike Huckabee said on his show recently that only about 40 million of the 80 million evangelical Christians in America are even registered to vote. Only about half of those actually vote in presidential elections and… Continue reading

The Most Powerful Weapon to Fight Poverty

Most people might take for granted the availability and relative affordability of the energy that powers our vehicles, warms our homes in winter, cools them in summer and keeps the lights on. Growing up in China, I don’t.

My grandmother… Continue reading

War on Bake Sales is a War on the Family

And the best macaroons this side of the moon!

I remember many times when my children were small they would eagerly anticipate their birthday, any party and a bake sale at school. Why? Because those were the times when they… Continue reading

Does President Obama Really Think History Will Save Us?

This was first published at The Washington Times:

President Obama thinks that history will magically take out all the bad guys in the world. He repeatedly lectures us that bad actors –  people like Vladimir Putin, Syria’s president… Continue reading

“Humanitarian Catastrophe” or Murder…

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the Holocaust museum in Washington DC. I highly recommend visiting, if you have not been there. The museum takes the visitor through the events that led up to the atrocities, the trials and includes following life journeys of some of the survivors. A historical lens worth looking into. Continue reading

Will Mark Udall’s ‘War on Women’ Tactics Work?

Sen. Mark Udall’s campaign consultants must be scratching their heads. After months of paying for expensive ads focused almost exclusively on birth control and abortion, their candidate remains statistically tied with his opponent, Congressman Cory Gardner, in the polls. A… Continue reading

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