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Children of the City

Maybe you have heard the statistics…

30 million people are enslaved globally, funding a $34 billion industry.

It is estimated that 300,000 prostituted children live on the streets in the U.S.

900,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year.… Continue reading

How to win an election with a 9% approval rating

Quit.  Quit touting party line rhetoric.  Quit making excuses for congressional dysfunction.  Quit with name calling and personal attacks.  Quit blaming others and start accepting responsibility.

Remember.  Remember that you represent everyone and not just… Continue reading

Don’t Shoot the Sheepdogs

On a Monday morning in late August, 2010, Carolyn Gruder had no idea how her job would change her life. She put on her uniform and went to work like normal, in the early days of the new school year.… Continue reading

Legalizing Weed In Colorado is Reefer Madness

Recently 60 Minutes did a piece on Colorado’s gangbusters Colorado “medical marijuana” industry that’s on track to become a nine billion dollar drug boom by 2016. Although Coloradans are the healthiest, most athletic bipeds in the nation, so direly in… Continue reading

Women Know Mitt and Barack – We’ve Dated Them Both


Seeing Mitt Romney and Barack Obama side by side in the recent debates, it hit me who they are. They’re the two prototypical guys nearly every one of us women has encountered in our romantic lives: the Boy Scout… Continue reading

What Price Your Vote?

Not that some cigar-puffing, back-slapping politician will be slipping you a few greasy bills. Vote bribery has gotten way more sophisticated than that these days.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, over 100 million Americans or about one in three… Continue reading

Food, Glorious Food!

Where in our lives is food not present?  From our most important life events, to feeding our families and the kudos we get when they ooh and ahh at our creations.  From Julie and… Continue reading

Want to know what women care about this election cycle? Ask one!

Lately, I’ve heard much talk from men about women.  The sudden interest in women’s topics is refreshing, and women are pleased that our concerns are a topic of interest this year.  Hearing a top policy maker from DC… Continue reading

Who Loves You Baby


by Joy Overbeck

Political gurus tell us the candidate the voters find the most ““empathetic, “likable” and “caring” nearly always wins. This explains why, with the Middle East in flames, the economy a disaster, and suffering Americans waiting to… Continue reading

Waste Not. Want Not. SNAP Benefits.

In November 2008, it was 30 million.  Almost four years later in September 2012, it has increased to 46.6 million.  Am I talking about the increase in foreclosures…. Am I talking about the number of customers cancelling their… Continue reading

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