How to win an election with a 9% approval rating

Quit.  Quit touting party line rhetoric.  Quit making excuses for congressional dysfunction.  Quit with name calling and personal attacks.  Quit blaming others and start accepting responsibility.

Remember.  Remember that you represent everyone and not just… Continue reading

Let’s give socialism a shot…shall we?

So big freaking deal….what’s wrong if we become a Socialistic country….who cares??

What’s sooo wrong with a society where everyone is “equal?”  What’s wrong with getting rid of the super rich to eliminate the super poor?  What’s so… Continue reading

The Three Scariest Things About Amdt. 66

Colorado Amendment 66 spends a billion dollars but doesn't aid educational excellence Continue reading

Colorado anti-gun laws target the most vulnerable – women and students left defenseless


By Joy Overbeck, The Washington Times, February 28, 2013

Colorado Democratic legislators are passing a hail of new anti-gun laws that prevent the most vulnerable from defending themselves in places often targeted by rapists and mass killers. Similar bills… Continue reading

Don’t Shoot the Sheepdogs

On a Monday morning in late August, 2010, Carolyn Gruder had no idea how her job would change her life. She put on her uniform and went to work like normal, in the early days of the new school year.… Continue reading

One camp wants to set us free in this election, which do you think it is?

The uncertainty over this administration’s fiscal and regulatory policies have business owners sitting on their thumbs:

Steven Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts, said on Monday that he was sitting on his thumbs with over a billion dollars tied up… Continue reading

Elizabeth Warren is Right! The System is Rigged

Mark Twain famously remarked, “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.” So when U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts, proclaimed that “the system is rigged” in her prime-time speech at the Democratic… Continue reading

Moody’s To Downgrade US If No Deal To Cut Debt/GDP Ratio

I ask each of you, “what would happen if your debt was double the size of your household income?  How does your credit quality affect the prices your family pays for much needed goods?”  Our country faces the… Continue reading

Annie’s Sacrifice

I attended a “Ladies of Faith” dinner last evening.  In addition to the two friends I attended the event with I was seated at a table with eight other ladies that I did not previously know.  There must… Continue reading

Constitutional Champions

Constitutional Champions camp is an event that is held during the summer all over the country. The Pikes Peak 912 group, located in Colorado Springs, has undertaken this project for the second year. More and more states and groups all… Continue reading

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