Don’t Be a Low-Information Eater

My first trip to Colorado’s eastern plains was a culture shock. My future husband had driven me out to Holyoke to meet his family. As we drove 150 miles straight east from CSU, it was the longest stretch of uninhabited… Continue reading

The Three Scariest Things About Amdt. 66

Colorado Amendment 66 spends a billion dollars but doesn't aid educational excellence Continue reading

One camp wants to set us free in this election, which do you think it is?

The uncertainty over this administration’s fiscal and regulatory policies have business owners sitting on their thumbs:

Steven Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts, said on Monday that he was sitting on his thumbs with over a billion dollars tied up… Continue reading

Who Loves You Baby


by Joy Overbeck

Political gurus tell us the candidate the voters find the most ““empathetic, “likable” and “caring” nearly always wins. This explains why, with the Middle East in flames, the economy a disaster, and suffering Americans waiting to… Continue reading

Waste Not. Want Not. SNAP Benefits.

In November 2008, it was 30 million.  Almost four years later in September 2012, it has increased to 46.6 million.  Am I talking about the increase in foreclosures…. Am I talking about the number of customers cancelling their… Continue reading

Moody’s To Downgrade US If No Deal To Cut Debt/GDP Ratio

I ask each of you, “what would happen if your debt was double the size of your household income?  How does your credit quality affect the prices your family pays for much needed goods?”  Our country faces the… Continue reading

Is Romney Too Rich to be President?

If you’re wealthy because of your success in business you’re pretty much an untouchable these days, a member of a maligned social caste in Barack Obama’s America of “transformative change.”  Mitt Romney is so rich many wonder if he’s… Continue reading

Should Public Employee Salaries be “Recession Proof”?

I recently viewed a video clip (below) of the JeffCo R-1 school district COO, Steve Bell, making comments about the Colorado School Finance Act and how it is a “flawed model”. He specifically laments the fact that the sources of… Continue reading

It Just “Makes Sense”

A friend suggested the other day that women were overwhelmingly supporting President Obama, and that educated women’s support for him was even stronger.  She sounded a rallying cry that women seek out opportunities for discussion and discourse with other… Continue reading

Marissa Mayer – Woman Extraordinaire


Marissa Mayer was named the new CEO of Yahoo just this past July.  The next announcement was that she is also…..pregnant.   This amazing piece of information is not often said in the same breath when announcing… Continue reading

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