Sheila Atwell is a parent and activist in Evergreen, CO. She is now the Executive Director of Jeffco Students First, a foundation dedicated to raising academic achievement in Jefferson County. Prior to making the decision to stay home with her children in their younger years, she spent over ten years in the financial services industry providing investment and retirement plan advice to individuals and institutions. She spent four years on the board of Homesteaders, a Denver non-profit serving homeless families with children. She is a graduate and former board member of the Leadership Evergreen program and is currently the President of the Board of Into Your Hands – Africa, a local non-profit that provides scholarships and entrepreneurial training to children in Makondo, Uganda.Sheila has been active in education issues for seven years. She has been a volunteer in her childrens’ classrooms and chaired the school’s fundraising committee for two consecutive years. She is passionate about ensuring that every student in Jeffco has an equal opportunity for an excellent education.

Should Public Employee Salaries be “Recession Proof”?

I recently viewed a video clip (below) of the JeffCo R-1 school district COO, Steve Bell, making comments about the Colorado School Finance Act and how it is a “flawed model”. He specifically laments the fact that the sources of… Continue reading

School Fees, Donations or Taxes?

I have heard several stories over the last few days about school fees and donation requests. In one case, at Devinny Elementary in JeffCo, the school actually included the “suggested donation“ right on the fee schedule – pre-checked to make… Continue reading

Bloomberg and Obama Want to Be “The Boss of You”

The news about NYC Mayor – Michael Bloomberg seeking to ban large size sugary drink sales in the city got me thinking about how much I dislike anyone telling me what to do.  Is there some logic to this… Continue reading

Does the PTA Speak for You?

At the last Jefferson County School Board meeting on April 5, one of the most astonishing testimonies I heard with regard to the tax increase being debated was from Keri Lee, the President of the Jeffco PTA. She mentioned that… Continue reading

Let’s Be More Creative about School Spending

Instead of working harder as the First Lady would have us do, let’s work smarter.

On Wednesday, my good friend Ben DeGrow at the Independence Institute shared a link to a new publication by Michael Petrilli from the Fordham Institute.… Continue reading

Jada’s Story

If you ever have doubts about why we wage the battle for school reform and what is it all for, here is a story to get you fired up.  I am not sure how I could have missed it… Continue reading

What are Schools For – Employing Adults or Teaching Kids?

Could we please, PLEASE stop talking about the budget?

This is my first blog post ever… not to say I have not thought about it A LOT…as you all know there comes a point where you must make the leap… Continue reading

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