Pauline Olvera

What Women Are Saying About Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

So I was at a poker party last weekend. No. I wasn’t the designated driver for my husband during the Texas Hold ‘em Road Tour.  I was invited to a pink poker night with some lady friends in the… Continue reading

Romney Ryan: The Best Choice for Women

To think that women are not engaged in the politics of the day is, in my opinion, a very serious mistake.  Over the last four years we have disappointedly watched how our economy has gone from bad to worst.… Continue reading

Paul Ryan and Medicare Reform

Medicare has been one of the major issues in this year’s presidential race. It has been stated that continuing down the path we are on right now will make Medicare insolvent within just a few years and that in order… Continue reading

Wy The Economy Matters Most To Women

Women have come far over the years to achieve independence, to follow our dreams and career paths. Some of us have chosen to chart our journey toward a fulfilling profession, others of us have chosen the gratifying career as stay… Continue reading

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