In a nutshell: Wife, Homeschooler, Former Attorney trying to morph into Contented Domestic Lady of Sorts, constant Student of Life, Sinner in the hands of a Gracious God. Small Town Girl, in early life and at heart. Mother of Three, going on Four as we seek to adopt a little girl from halfway around the world. "Crunchy" Conservative. Thanks for reading!

Conservatives and the Work of Justice, Part 1

After staring at it for a few months now, this week I finally completed my application to volunteer with perhaps my most beloved NPO ever, International Justice Mission.  My hope?  To become an official IJM Justice… Continue reading

A Wee Little Referral Story: “The Second One”

I honestly don’t even know how to best write this.

There are so many things I want to express, yet so little I understand.  How God works, how He chooses… so many things.

What I do know is this:… Continue reading

Our Daughter Will Have Dark Skin

It has been a rough week.

A few days ago, an altercation occurred between a teenager and a neighborhood watch volunteer.  The teen was black; the volunteer Hispanic.  One died, the victim of a gunshot wound to the… Continue reading

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