Molly Vogt serves as a Consultant with Castle Rock Investment Company, is the Vice President of The Gadsden Society, is a Director on the Board of the Colorado Republican Business Coalition, is a 10 year member of the Western Pension Benefit Conference and is a current student of the Leadership Program of the Rockies. Molly has a 16 year history of financial sales. The financial products have included mutual funds, life insurance, variable annuities, ERISA plans, health and welfare products and designs for business and their employee’s as well as private equity for local small business in Denver. Molly is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with existing FINRA Series 7 and 65 licenses. She also holds the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) and Plan Sponsor Professional (PRP) designations. Molly is a graduate from Florida Southern College where she earned a B.S. in Business Administration and majored in Marketing and Finance. Molly recently became a community activist who is committed to helping preserve the freedoms of her fellow Coloradans and enhancing and supporting small business enterprise in Colorado. She believes this is the perfect continuation of her lifelong mission to rebuild and grow hard working families’ nest eggs. Just as her wholesaling career involved presenting sales ideas and opportunities given the continuous legislative proposals and changes in the financial arena, she seeks now to utilize the same passion and purpose within the local community.

“Top 3 Reasons” my female friends are for voting 4 change this year

I recently polled a group of female friends to determine who was voting for a change in our current administration and why.  They were asked to keep their answers to 3 sentences.  Here are a few of the… Continue reading

President Obama has 2 options….

A story shared with My Purse Politics, (name removed for confidentiality):


I understand that the president means well.  We believed him when he said he wanted to help the middle class.  We thought his $800B+  stimulus… Continue reading

One camp wants to set us free in this election, which do you think it is?

The uncertainty over this administration’s fiscal and regulatory policies have business owners sitting on their thumbs:

Steven Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts, said on Monday that he was sitting on his thumbs with over a billion dollars tied up… Continue reading

Built by myself then closed due to poor economic policy

My Purse Politics has been receiving many new stories from our readers whom we always invite to share. Here is one of our most recent.  She has felt the economic “war on women”.  (Name & State withheld to… Continue reading

Want to know what women care about this election cycle? Ask one!

Lately, I’ve heard much talk from men about women.  The sudden interest in women’s topics is refreshing, and women are pleased that our concerns are a topic of interest this year.  Hearing a top policy maker from DC… Continue reading

Moody’s To Downgrade US If No Deal To Cut Debt/GDP Ratio

I ask each of you, “what would happen if your debt was double the size of your household income?  How does your credit quality affect the prices your family pays for much needed goods?”  Our country faces the… Continue reading

The current administration seeks to raise taxes on the middle class, who knew?

Last night during the DNC, actress Eva Longoria said Mitt Romney wants to increase taxes on the middle class.

When in fact, it is the current administration who is attacking those very people they claim to want to protect.  … Continue reading

The Lilly Ledbetter Act doesn’t help women, standing up for oneself does.

Lilly has made some women happy in the fight against discrimination in the workplace, but for the most part, she is holding the rest of us down.  Her years of fighting in the courts ended in 2009 with a… Continue reading

Dear Eva,

Dear Eva,

As I am sure you have heard, your proclamation that, “If you are a woman, there is no way you can vote Republican” didn’t go over well in Colorado.  Have you taken a look at women’s unemployment… Continue reading

There is no “class warfare” here. This is the USA.

In the past 3 years our administration has created and sold to many a false “class warfare” story, right here in the good ol’ U.S.A.  I find it odd that anyone would listen, much less begin to believe it,… Continue reading

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