I'm a full time mom. I worked in the private sector before my kids were born and then off and on since. I've seen many changes over the years and they were not always for the better. I love my country. My son say’s it’s just nostalgia, but I disagree. I believe out Founding Fathers were not only brilliant, but were inspired by God when they wrote our constitution. They weren’t perfect by any means, but they were brought together for a reason. Our constitution has lasted longer than any other for any country. I was born in Las Vegas, NV and after I graduated from high school I lived in five states and two countries. I had one child in Nevada and one in Arizona, but they were raised here in Colorado. This is our home and we love it.

My Rally Epiphany

This is the first post I’ve ever made to this blog.  I’ve met many of the other women who write here and I didn’t think I could write anything as well as they could.  Well, I hope I’m… Continue reading

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