An engineer by training and experience, I have recently ventured into the world of writing and commentary. It provides a fun outlet to express my concerns and observations about the world that I am currently raising my children in. For fun information about Colorado, sports, travel, and politics, check out

Annie’s Sacrifice

I attended a “Ladies of Faith” dinner last evening.  In addition to the two friends I attended the event with I was seated at a table with eight other ladies that I did not previously know.  There must… Continue reading

“Payment Due at Time of Service”

My parents paid $600 to our doctor and hospital to have me delivered.  This was the total, unadjusted, not-supplemented cost!  This was at a time when all-inclusive health insurance was a luxury, enjoyed mostly by employees of big… Continue reading

Colorado Western Slope Needs Romney

This gallery contains 3 photos.

A good friend of mine lives in Craig.  She took some great pictures of Governor Romney when he stopped in Craig.  Go Romney and pray he can defeat the regime that has gutted the economy of the Colorado… Continue reading

Manly Moments of U.S. Presidents

All this talk over President Obama’s secret service personnel being involved with prostitutes during the Summit of the Americas has conjured up a memory of one of my favorite President Bush moments.  In 2004 President Bush attended the APEC… Continue reading

Celebrate the U.S.A. Athletes of the 2012 Olympic Games

During the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics, Michelle Obama will lead the U.S.A. athletes into the stadium; it has become customary for U.S.A. First Lady’s to perform this honor.  While I hope that Ann Romney is leading… Continue reading

Will “John Adam’s-Like” Objectivity Prevail during Zimmerman Trial?

“The rules of the common law, therefore, which authorize a man to preserve his own life at the expense of another’s, are not contradicted by any divine or moral law. We talk of liberty and property, but if we cut… Continue reading

Cornhusker Kickback and the Fish from Hell

Everyone knows that the Cornhusker Kickback bought the vote of Senator Ben Nelson.  The Louisiana Purchase bought democrat Mary Landrieu.  But what compelled all of those Catholic legislators to vote for Obamacare?  Finally, the truth… Continue reading

Waiting to Buy My Green Jersey!

Sigh….I loved being able to root for Tim Tebow every Sunday when my Broncos played.  I love sport comebacks and Tebow proved to be a master of them.  I have to admit that I didn’t know who Tebow… Continue reading

Are Stay-At-Home-Mom’s Weak?

The War on Women has brought to light that liberal organizations consider stay-at-home-mom’s to be ignorant and weak.  A recent post from titled, “Shocking Facts on the GOP War on Women” lists the “shocking” assertion that… Continue reading

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