Are Stay-At-Home-Mom’s Weak?

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The War on Women has brought to light that liberal organizations consider stay-at-home-mom’s to be ignorant and weak.  A recent post from titled, “Shocking Facts on the GOP War on Women” lists the “shocking” assertion that Maryland Republicans think women should really be home with the kids, and not out working.  Gasp!  This “shocking” point cracks me up.  While my husband knows that I have the gumption and skill to re-establish a means to support myself and the kids, he also knows that I gladly and willingly relinquish the driver seat to my hard-working and capable man.  There are two main reasons that I do this, and neither of them is because I am weak.

  1. My husband is a stud.  I love it that I found a man who is capable of outdoing me in most things; sorry to be arrogant, but that’s not an easy feat.  Even when I was a kid, the feminizing of men was ramped; it gets old having to hold back so that you don’t hurt a guy’s feelings.
  2. My kids excel by me staying at home.  While I see plenty of their naughtiness at home, my reward for having to deal with it every day is that I receive plenty of kudos from parents and teachers whom I occasionally leave them with; my kids are well-spoken and well-behaved.  I am confident that I won’t ever have to deal with one of my kids throwing tomatoes at a policewoman, as did President Sarkozy from France.  Who knows, my kids’ college bill might even be cut in half if they continue on that track.

So move over libs.  Leave us out of your War on Women.   We are proud to be proud of our husbands, proud to place our family in front of our careers, and proud that we just ever-so politely shake our heads (and cover our kids ears) at the vulgar insults that your organizations throw at our conservative spokesmen and women.  Just don’t give us a reason to show you how weak and ignorant we really are not.

NOTE:  The title of this post was changed from “Are Conservative Women Weak” to “Are Stay-At-Home-Mom’s Weak” on 4/13/2012.

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