30 day fitness challenge – Days 2 and 3

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Saturday, March 3rd I woked up and had a vegan protein shake for breakfast. I came home and did High Intensity cardio for 20 minutes running just over 2 miles. An example High Intensity training would be walking briskly for 5 minutes and sprinting for 2 then repeating that for 20 minutes. For lunch I had another vegan protein shake and for dinner I had a salad. In between meals I drank 32 oz of water and one of those was a detox tea.

Sunday, March 3rd I took as a rest day. I did have a vegan shake for breakfast. I had a salad for lunch and for dinner we had wings and sweet potatoe fries. In between meals I drank 32 oz of water and one of those was a detox tea.

Why vegan protein shakes? Well, honestly whey makes me ill. I can’t stand the taste of it let alone the smell of it. Because whey protein is made with Genetically Modified Organism it is not very healthy for you and your body tends to flush out most of that protein. With the vegan shakes I take they are made with pea,cranberry and rice protein. Your body absorbs the full 20 grams because it is easier for your body to digest.
Secondly, these shakes are becoming the new “cool” diet or health item along with the Virgin diet. I’m not a product of popular culture and I don’t watch her show, but back in January this was on Rachel Ray:
“JJ Virgin, author of the Virgin Diet for health and wellness reported on the Rachel Ray show that if you were to do just ONE thing to improve your health and lose weight that would make the most difference, it would be starting your day with a Vegan Protein shake with about 20 grams of protein and made with coconut or almond milk and frozen berries or spinach/kale. She said if you did this ONE thing every day, you would feel better, look better and be a lot healthier! No wonder all my friends have such great energy and look so young and vibrant! ”
I have yet to try mine with Kale but I use spinach every day with mine. They are amazing and so yummy and packed with so many other vitamins!
Onward to the first full week of my challenge!!!

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