30 day fitness challenge – day 4

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Got up and went to the gym. Ran 1 mile and did a circut of leg exercises. Came home and had a protein shake. I had a chickfila multigrain bagel with chicken,egg and cheese. I ate this for breakfast and morning snack. Over the course of the day I drank three 32 oz water bottles and one cup of detox tea.
The protein shakes I take are vegan. They are dairy,gluten and soy free. They are also made without any GMO’s. Don’t know about GMO’s? Let me fill you in a little.
1. What does the “G” the “M” and the “O” stand for?
Genetically Modified Organism
2. What is a GMO? What is a Genetically Modified Organism?
A GMO is the result of forcing together the genetic material of two species that wouldn’t normally combine or mate in nature.
* For example: Combining the DNA of spiders with goats in hopes of milking the goats and using the spider web protein to make bullet-proof vests.
* GMO’s do NOT occur in nature, so when we eat them our immune system does not recognize it and attacks, causing an inflammatory response.
*Many of the diseases we see today have, as a source, INFLAMATION. TIME Magazine has an issue out about this topic.
*Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Allergies, Obesity…
*There is also a huge climb in the occurrence of diseases of the “gut”: Ciliac Disease, IBS, Ulceritive Colitis, Chronic Constipation, Leaky Gut, Acid Reflux,
*In 1996, Genetically Modified Corn and Soy was introduced to the U.S. market. Since then there has been a rise in so many of these “inflammatory” diseases.
88% of U.S. CORN is genetically modified, and 94% of U.S. SOY is genetically modified. CORN AND SOY ARE IN PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING!
3.They have genetically modified corn to produce its own pesticide. So, when bugs eat that corn, it causes their stomachs to rupture, and it kills them.
*If it does that to bugs, I know it MUST be having an effect on us when we eat it. All of these “gut” diseases can’t be just a coincidence.
4. They have genetically modified soy to resist herbicide (plant poison).
*Glyphosate= main ingredient in herbicide.
*How it works: pulls the nutrients from the plant, weakens the plant, and kills it.
· 1. Less nutrients in the soy plant= less nutritious for us
· 2. We eat the herbicide residue, and the herbicide can pull nutrients from us directly!
· That weakens us, and leaves us susceptible to disease and illness. FOOD IS SUPPOSED TO NOURISH YOU AND BUILD YOU UP—NOT WEAKEN YOU AND TEAR YOU DOWN.
· Glyphosate has been linked to many negative side effects (to name a couple: Birth defects, infertility). I don’t have the time here to get into all of that, so please watch “Genetic Roulette” for yourselves!
Most people are not even aware of what GMO’s are, let alone that they are eating them and what they might be doing to their bodies.
The seed company that is the biggest promoter of genetically modified food won’t even eat their own genetically modified food in their cafeteria! GMO food is has been banned from their own cafeteria.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of information on GMO’s.
There is so much more information in this documentary “Genetic Roulette”, so find some time to watch it for yourself first-hand.

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