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30 day fitness challenge – days 12-18

I’m still trucking along! The hardest day that I’ve had was St. Patrick’s day. I skiied all day and decided to reward myself with one glass of wine and pizza for dinner. Pizza is so bad for you! I paid… Continue reading

30 day fitness challenge – days 7-11

Last week ended well. Even though I was sore I made it through all my workouts! I ate well and drank plenty of water too! The weekend was a bit tougher. Saturday I had planned on going to the gym… Continue reading

Does Sex Ed Belong in Your Child’s Classroom?

House Bill 13-1081, proposed by Democratic lawmakers, would add language to Colorado state law defining standards for human sexuality education, and create a program of grants for school districts that want to implement such programs. The program would be run the Department of Public Health and Environment, and the grants would be funded by non-tax sources. Continue reading

30 day fitness challenge – Days 5 and 6

Without boring anyone who might actually be reading this I’m going to simplify things. Each day I will be drinking 1-2 vegan protein shakes. Through day 7 I will have one detox tea and I will also drink at least… Continue reading

30 day fitness challenge – day 4

Got up and went to the gym. Ran 1 mile and did a circut of leg exercises. Came home and had a protein shake. I had a chickfila multigrain bagel with chicken,egg and cheese. I ate this for breakfast and… Continue reading

30 day fitness challenge – Days 2 and 3

Saturday, March 3rd I woked up and had a vegan protein shake for breakfast. I came home and did High Intensity cardio for 20 minutes running just over 2 miles. An example High Intensity training would be walking briskly for… Continue reading

Colorado anti-gun laws target the most vulnerable – women and students left defenseless


By Joy Overbeck, The Washington Times, February 28, 2013

Colorado Democratic legislators are passing a hail of new anti-gun laws that prevent the most vulnerable from defending themselves in places often targeted by rapists and mass killers. Similar bills… Continue reading

30 day fitness challege – Days 1

Friday, March 1. Starting weight is 154. Woke up at 5:30am and went to the gym. I ran 1 mile and then I did weight training for my legs. I had a vegan protein shake for breakfast and lunch. I… Continue reading

School Children 1, School Choice Opponents O in Colorado Court of Appeals Decision

School children in Douglas County won Thursday when the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that the district’s innovative Choice Scholarship Program is constitutional. Overturning an August 2011 decision by Denver District Judge Michael Martinez against the program, the majority on… Continue reading

30 day fitness and healthy challenge

As women we face many struggles. One issue I know many of us deal with is our weight and self- image. Growing up in the 90’s and watching television, looking at magazines and living in our culture my self -image… Continue reading

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