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Annie’s Sacrifice

I attended a “Ladies of Faith” dinner last evening.  In addition to the two friends I attended the event with I was seated at a table with eight other ladies that I did not previously know.  There must… Continue reading

Right Stuff Needed for Fiscal Moonshot

On Saturday, as Americans debated whether Lance Armstrong was a genuine hero after dropping his fight with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, another Armstrong — an indisputable American hero — died. Were Webster’s to pair Neil Armstrong with “hero” in its… Continue reading

No Coincidence: Troubling Link Between Government Spending and Higher Tuition

If I didn’t know better, I’d think the world was flat. After all, it looks flat. It wouldn’t occur to me that I was standing on a sphere. Greek mathematicians and mariners of old figured it out long ago. Magellan’s… Continue reading

Should Public Employee Salaries be “Recession Proof”?

I recently viewed a video clip (below) of the JeffCo R-1 school district COO, Steve Bell, making comments about the Colorado School Finance Act and how it is a “flawed model”. He specifically laments the fact that the sources of… Continue reading

It Just “Makes Sense”

A friend suggested the other day that women were overwhelmingly supporting President Obama, and that educated women’s support for him was even stronger.  She sounded a rallying cry that women seek out opportunities for discussion and discourse with other… Continue reading

“War on Women” Fears are Waaay Overblown

What do you fear? And are your fears realistic –  could they actually happen? Do you worry about the nasty contents of an airplane toilet splashing down as you’re enjoying an ice cream cone at the local street fair?… Continue reading

John Marrant

I have researched and put together a series on African American heroes, patriots and founding fathers of America. Most of them were slaves so many of them have little recorded about their lives. As I did this research I was… Continue reading

The Lilly Ledbetter Act doesn’t help women, standing up for oneself does.

Lilly has made some women happy in the fight against discrimination in the workplace, but for the most part, she is holding the rest of us down.  Her years of fighting in the courts ended in 2009 with a… Continue reading

Marissa Mayer – Woman Extraordinaire


Marissa Mayer was named the new CEO of Yahoo just this past July.  The next announcement was that she is also…..pregnant.   This amazing piece of information is not often said in the same breath when announcing… Continue reading

Who’s the Most Dangerous Man in America?

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is calling the Republican presidential ticket of Romney and Ryan “the most dangerous men in America,” claiming they want to ban birth control and abortion. Obama groups are running ads with a woman staring… Continue reading

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