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Constitutional Champions

Constitutional Champions camp is an event that is held during the summer all over the country. The Pikes Peak 912 group, located in Colorado Springs, has undertaken this project for the second year. More and more states and groups all… Continue reading

Mayor Bloomberg Will Decide What Your Baby Eats

Starting September 3, 2012, participating hospitals around New York City will be part of a continuing program from Mayor Michael Bloomberg called Latch On NYC. The program is meant to help encourage new mothers to breastfeed their babies instead of… Continue reading

Let’s Eat Some Chicken

What are you doing for lunch next Wednesday, August 1?  It’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, and I’ll be at my local Parker restaurant plopping down my cash for a cluck sandwich to support this decent family company against the onslaught… Continue reading

My breakfast cereal business got government money too!

I started Faber Foods in 1991 and closed the business in 2005. My small company developed, manufactured, marketed and sold a variety of breakfast cereals, mueslis, primarily to Whole Food Markets. My product was good and I enjoyed moderate success… Continue reading

You Can’t Shop There! The Politics of Shopping

This week’s hubbub surrounding the notion that Chik-Fil-A as a company is prejudiced against same-sex marriage has created a firestorm of reactions from people.

Boycotts and “kiss-ins” are being planned to try and send some kind of message to the… Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Young College Grads are Struggling

Rachel Davis is a recent University of Colorado graduate, now holding a degree in marketing with a certificate in international business. She’s driven, worked hard during her school years, and found ways to differentiate herself, like studying abroad for a… Continue reading

Why is politics considered “taboo” to talk about?

Seriously, why is “politics” taboo to talk about at work, at church and with friends/family?

I have been pondering about this question for some time now and only have questions vs. answers.

Obama Anti-Entrepreneur Speech Harmful to Children

Hide the children. Cover their ears. That was my first thought when I heard Barack Obama in a recent campaign speech telling his audience that –

“– look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You… Continue reading

Take This “Insert Job if You Have One” and Shove It

How many unemployed young people do you know? I can count at least three that I know that are under 35.  They are educated with college degrees, they are intelligent and free-thinking, and they have potential, but they have… Continue reading

Out of the Moneybags of Babes

You hear that the future generations are already in debt.  But, how can that be? And what does that really mean?


I’m interested because I’m an expectant mom contributing to the future generation starting this October.  I… Continue reading

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