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There is no “class warfare” here. This is the USA.

In the past 3 years our administration has created and sold to many a false “class warfare” story, right here in the good ol’ U.S.A.  I find it odd that anyone would listen, much less begin to believe it,… Continue reading

“Payment Due at Time of Service”

My parents paid $600 to our doctor and hospital to have me delivered.  This was the total, unadjusted, not-supplemented cost!  This was at a time when all-inclusive health insurance was a luxury, enjoyed mostly by employees of big… Continue reading

Homeschool Day at the Capitol 2012

Last fall I felt as though God was calling me to homeschool my children. At Christmas break I pulled my oldest daughter out of government school and began our homeschooling adventure. Our first activity with CHEC was the day at… Continue reading

Colorado Camps Teach Kids about Patriotism and Our History

The American people continue to amaze me in their resolve to ensure our children learn about the basics of our country’s founding.

One such group that continues to educate our youth about the things public schools no longer adequately teach… Continue reading

Don’t Assume I’m Stupid

You need someone to tell you that you’re overweight. The tight pants, bulging tummy, and double chin aren’t clues enough according to a government panel that today recommended doctors calculate body mass index for each patient and refer overweight patients… Continue reading

Something we can all agree on…We love our country

We’re ALL Americans and we love our country.

No matter what color you are, what language you speak, where your parents were from, or anything else, when you step onto the soil of the United States of America, you instantly… Continue reading

What If Your Kid Were on That Hell Bus?


Last week, a kid’s camera phone recorded a 68-year-old grandmother and school bus monitor being brutally trash-talked by a group of middle school boys riding the bus in Greece, a  town in upstate New York.  They called… Continue reading

My mom always told me to be careful in public rest rooms and now I know why. A woman was found super glued to a toilet!


On Saturday afternoon, Drudge posted a story about a women super glued to a toilet in the ladies room at a Kentucky Wal-Mart Store (

There is something just wrong with this, accidental or intentional.

Let’s start… Continue reading

My Rally Epiphany

This is the first post I’ve ever made to this blog.  I’ve met many of the other women who write here and I didn’t think I could write anything as well as they could.  Well, I hope I’m… Continue reading

IndoctriNation movie review

This past Saturday I sat waiting anxiously to view this movie. It was the talk of the homeschool conference. Last fall I watched the movie Agenda: The Grinding America Down. That movie opened my eyes and it was after watching… Continue reading

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