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Is it Fair to Spend Your Taxes on Cow Poop and Nancy P’s Relatives?

If you filed your taxes recently, you may be mulling the concept of fairness that Barack Obama flogs endlessly in every speech and is repeated robot-like by the media. Everyone MUST pay their fair share in these tough times, he… Continue reading

Does the PTA Speak for You?

At the last Jefferson County School Board meeting on April 5, one of the most astonishing testimonies I heard with regard to the tax increase being debated was from Keri Lee, the President of the Jeffco PTA. She mentioned that… Continue reading

The Magna Carta and America

History seems to be rewritten so that society will forget important details of where it came from, therefore, not being taught today holding the importance it should. In order to change the course of the path we are on, we… Continue reading

The Tail is Wagging the Dog

The tail is wagging the dog again folks, and I need your help to prove it to the 99%.

Do you remember the movie from the 90’s?  Hoffman and Di Nero were a part of a government that fabricated… Continue reading

Let’s Be More Creative about School Spending

Instead of working harder as the First Lady would have us do, let’s work smarter.

On Wednesday, my good friend Ben DeGrow at the Independence Institute shared a link to a new publication by Michael Petrilli from the Fordham Institute.… Continue reading

It’s the economy, stupid

President  Obama has never worked in the  private industry..and neither have any of his appointed czars.


In fact,  the only experience these intellectual elites have and  their subsequent acquired wealth   is a direct… Continue reading

Douglas County School Board meeting tonite

The union leadership is continuing to organize for attendance and speakers at board of eduction meetings.  The union held a meeting for district employees last week, and we are told AFT National was in charge.

They will be… Continue reading

Jada’s Story

If you ever have doubts about why we wage the battle for school reform and what is it all for, here is a story to get you fired up.  I am not sure how I could have missed it… Continue reading

The Democrats War on Moms

Ann Romney can’t possibly know the struggles of working women because she’s “never worked a day in her life,” says a longtime Democrat political mouthpiece for the DNC,  CNN contributor, and Obama advisor. Once again, the Democrats insult all… Continue reading

Will the Real Patriot Please Stand?

There are many topics I could choose to right about today. But as I sit here I feel as though our great country is crumbling around us. I feel that we need to find the heart of our country in… Continue reading

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