Fighters and Survivors

By Tamra Farah Chair, Human Trafficking Awareness Day at the Colorado State Capitol

The Challenge This year Human Trafficking Awareness Day at the Colorado State Capitol on February 19 was covered by Denver affiliates for CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox 31… Continue reading

Pay Discrimination is Beyond Gender, too!

By Robin Swartzbacker

All this talk about wage discrimination against women has caused me to reflect upon my career. Have I ever been discriminated against in the work place when it came to pay? Well, yes I have. But in… Continue reading

Is Rudy Right?

First posted on:

Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that Barack Obama doesn’t love America or Americans has inspired scorn and outrage from the mainstream media, but a tweetstorm of hurrahs from Americans online who’ve made “Rudy is Right” a popular… Continue reading

Are we becoming like China?

This testimony was delivered by Ms. Tang before committee in the Colorado State Legislature. A video of this testimony may be viewed here 

I was born and grew up in People’s Republic of China, where the Communist Party rules… Continue reading

Working to Heal the Invisible Wounds of War

Everyone has declared this a The “Lame Duck” Session in Washington. I completely agree that big items like Keystone pipeline, Immigration, and budget measures will fail. They swirl around like tornadoes; create a lot of hype, speculation, plenty of drama,… Continue reading

The Real Deflate-gate: The Depressed State of Our Union

First published in the Aspen Times:

Aired-out uproariously on “Saturday Night Live,” “Deflategate” has been a national fixation since word broke that the New England Patriots used underinflated footballs in their Super Bowl-berth-clinching victory over Indianapolis. The alleged-cheating… Continue reading

Congratulations to Women in Government State Directors!

It’s a new day, a new year and a new legislative session. And, something exciting has happened! Four Colorado women legislators have been named state directors for Women in Government. Congratulations to Rep. Clarice Navarro, R-Pueblo, Rep. Su Ryden, D-Aurora,… Continue reading

Explaining Conservatism

As conservatives it’s important that we learn to educate people about the fundamental values of conservatism. It’s especially necessary since we see conservative thought losing in the public arena. This is partly because of the left’s control of the media… Continue reading

Minority Franchising







The blur of taxes, regulations and mandates out of Washington has created a significant roadblock to job creation, but a recent action by an obscure government agency will hurt almost 200,000 minority businesses.… Continue reading

Making Sense of the Christmas Mystery

First published in The Washington Times:

The Christmas story of God, Creator of the Universe, putting on a fleshly baby outfit and coming down to earth to be born in a dirty stable disguised as an infant, then… Continue reading

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